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The successful leaders we work with - global influencers - don't need more nuggets (cognitive) or tips and tricks (behavioural). Impacting globally, they need existential wisdom. And, although we have an innate capacity to realize wisdom, our capacity waxes or wanes due to social pressures, the presence or absence of appropriate role models, and the presence or absence of deliberate intention and effort.

They, like the great sages of the past; the Buddha, Confucius, Aristotle, know that wisdom is something to be cultivated, through the the development of virtues (such as benevolence, courage, equanimity, truthfulness, fairness, and compassion) and practiced over time.

The way our international team of global thought leaders hold space and explore - our system - provides a framework to practice the qualities that deepens wisdom, activates or reveals inner wisdom.

Wisdom refers to the mental skills which:

  • tell us which virtues are called for in specific situations,
  • allow us to discriminate truth from falsity,
  • allow us to constructively solve problems, and
  • allow us to properly judge the social contexts we are operating in.

In the deepest sense, wisdom is ethical. Ethical in the sense of promoting meaningful, fulfilling, and morally sensitive lives. It enables us to grow into the best possible versions of ourselves and is underpinned by the development of virtues. Virtues are important because they allow us to build lives worth living and societies worth living in.

Wisdom also includes a set of attitudes;

  • openness to the possibility of being wrong,
  • willingness to consider other perspectives,
  • an acceptance of things that can’t be changed, and
  • an openness to the wisdom of the body.

Finally, our clients work towards the embodiment of the quintessential wisdom, that all phenomena are processual. They understand that they (and all others) are a changing process, rather than “things” with fixed essences. They also come to understand that they are pan-relational; that every process inter-affects every other process.

This is the essence of the Compelling Leading, which is encapsulated in the famous phrase “BE, the change”.

To find out HOW exactly the Compelling Leading System achieves this (and much more), please feel welcome to explore the website to discover more or reach out to us directly.


The wisdom in leadership is how we use our influence as leaders to make just judgments and decisions that resonate with the good of the whole and create trust in the decisions made, the action taken, and the system within which those decisions were made.

Dr Gene Early