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Serving the ‘greater good’ of the planet,
by supporting Global Influencers,
as they develop deep wisdom, utilising ‘compelling’ characteristics.

wisdom leadership
Focused on deepening leaders’ wisdom;
delivered by global experts and exceptional achievers.


The successful leaders we work with - global influencers - don't need more nuggets (cognitive) or tips and tricks (behavioural). Impacting globally, they need existential wisdom. And, although we have an innate capacity to realise wisdom, our capacity waxes or wanes due to social pressures, the presence or absence of appropriate role models, and the presence or absence of deliberate intention and effort.

They, like the great sages of the past; the Buddha, Confucius, Aristotle, know that wisdom is something to be cultivated, through the development of virtues (such as benevolence, courage, equanimity, truthfulness, fairness, and compassion) and practiced over time.

it's all about wisdom


The Compelling Leading Program's design and delivery are exceptional in the way they can be adapted and tailored to work for you, your team, and your whole business. 

The program consist of 3 elements:

One-to-one mindset coaching with the leader or influencer and their team

Customised Learning: Honing Sheets and Masterclasses

Engaging with Models of Excellence

it's all about wisdom


Peter Moriarty

Peter Moriarty

"A vast body of knowledge on wisdom. Every time, every session,
my team and I make a paradigm shift
and I don't have to read 300 books.
We get the shortcut.
Thank you thank you."
Stephanie cameron

Jasmin Romic

CEO, Quiddity

Our average increase
has been 478% per year
a total of 3,374% over
a 7 year period.

Stephanie cameron

Rob Scott

Property Developer
There's no BS!
No dancing around Mindset;
This simplistic way
is totally 'gettable'.
Stephanie cameron

Stephanie Cameron

CEO East West Enviro Ag
I now lead a resilient
and resourceful team
A 3 week process, now takes 3 days.
From breaking even,
profits are now 14%.

Matt Jauja

“Within 3 months the business grew four-fold, and revenue increased by X 5. At the same time, I have more time and achieve more in the day.”

Before coaching Matt was a self-confessed ‘running train-wreck’; he had tunnel vision and was a very stressed person.

The Compelling Leading program has really unlocked his potential and now he feels limitless.

"The greatest sin is ignorance — not to know what life is all about.
The greatest virtue is wisdom — to know the purpose of life"

~ Paramahansa Yogananda



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