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Models of Excellence

Models of excellent performance really help the brain lift you to a high level of excellence in performance. But, how does this happen?
“Monkey see, monkey do”
“You are the average of the 5 people you spent the most time with” (Jim Rohn)
“show me your friends and I'll show you your future”
“You are the product of your environment”

Have you heard any of these sayings? It is often said as a warning to choose our company carefully. Why? What happens is the brain replicates the model that it sees; it starts producing what it sees.

When we have several people, all competent and quite above our level, the brain gets very rich models, and that's become the norm and we just get lifted to it. “They” aren't lifting you.

Your mirror neurons lift you to the level of competency of the models around me. That's what we mean by you get lifted. My brain cannot do anything but replicate what it is exposed to.

This is what is the purpose of surrounding yourself with people who have already achieved what you want to achieve. If you pay attention as they go about their business - just engaged in doing what they're doing in life - your brain will learn the patterns and replicate them for you. You will be lifted to their level of competence. Want to know more about mirror neurons?

Potential Models of Excellence


Dr Gene Early

Masterful Influence; Creating result from the inside-out

Gene is simply an extraordinary human. He is the global thought leader of the 10X mindset. He is a published author on Leadership, works with leaders all around the globe and is considered a grandfather of NLP.

Some Achievements

  1. Led the Climate Change Quest for the global leaders who developed the historic 2015 Paris agreement Lead leadership quests for thousands of senior leaders across the globe
  2. Academically able to supervise Oxford University PHD students
  3. Established Genomic Health Inc., which developed the first genome technology for the early detection of cancer
  4. His company independently audit rated company culture in the 99th percentile

See Gene's profile on LinkedIn

NLP Coaching and Leadership with Gene Early and Sue Knight 

Jasmin Romic

Jasmin Romic

Money Magic | quiddity

Jasmin has been a finalist in the Telstra Business Women of the Year, CEO of Quiddity, a multi award winning company and absolutely magical with finances.

See Jasmin's profile on LinkedIn

Jasmin giving feedback on an event  


Sam Kassis

Wealth Abundance Mindset | Kassis Homes

Sam is a Wealth Abundance Mindset Mentor and a really cool dude; very grounded and down to earth. He is an award winning Builder and Property Developer.

See Sam's profile on LinkedIn

Sam & Deb discussing joint Abundance program 

Rob Scott

Rob Scott

Wealth Abundance Mindset | the beach front
Robert pulled himself up from rock bottom to create abundance with his mindset. Now a hugely successful Property Developer, he has a passion to pay his knowledge forward.

Kristina Serdar

Kristina Serdar

Transforming the inner identity | QUIDDITY

Kristina knows the power of transforming the inner identity. Co-founder of a multinational accounting firm, the key was transforming her inner story, and she is open in sharing how.

See Kristina's profile on LinkedIn

Because these MoE only work with people they can see will implement, you must qualify for the program. This happens during an initial call, which does not count as one of your sessions. During the call, you discuss where you are up to, your goals and aspirations and you’ll have an opportunity to ask them about their journey; where they are and how they have come to their success/achievements. This is an opportunity for you both to see if you ‘click’ and are a good fit to work together.