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Perhaps you have experienced
or can relate to this ...

You know that no matter your level of mastery, if you do not keep working at it, it will deteriorate, but few can hold this quality of space.

"As the thought leader in my field, it’s hard
to find someone skillful enough to keep my thinking toned."

We’ve all experienced something or someone who was NOT the real deal. Knowing how to spot authenticity isn’t easy, yet can save much time and money.

"There’s so many faking it til they make it,
where’s the authentic model of excellence."

Some part of us knows we are limitless, because we continue to grow and change. Constantly being demanded for more, we need to have this on tap.

"No matter how much I do or achieve,
MORE is always asked."

How do we manage this expectation to lead the way through uncertainty, when we are faced with challenges never met before?

"I’m in unchartered territory,
yet I am still expected to KNOW."

Marketing is now very skilful at saying what you need to hear to buy or buy in. It’s becoming more complex to hear what resonates through the noise.

"Every expert has an opinion;
it's hard to know what advice to trust."

leaders' problem


Global Interdependence

Today's reality is as daunting as it is unpredictable. Few enterprises - big or small - are exempt from the impact of national and global interdependence; natural disasters anywhere around the globe can impact production or availability of materials, economic or political unrest can affect supply or costs of resources, travel or other aspects of business, to mention just two complexities

Expectation Gap

Most people imagine that a good leader will be informed, decisive, and able to steer the organisation in any situation. People believe that leaders should be in control and achieve on a heroic scale. They should be able to identify problems and solve them with either science or best practice. They should be able to create strategic plans, “sell them” in a rational, scientific manner and implement them in a timely fashion with excellent results in all cases.

Leaders in business, government or even the military can readily identify the gap between what leaders should be able to do and the immensity of the problems they face.

Catch - 22

People expect to have a voice, so leaders consult, but the leaders alone are held responsible for the results. Additionally, leaders know the problems they face require collaboration to incorporate diverse views, yet most leaders aren’t skilled or equipped to navigate this working style.