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Deb Maes


Deb is like a magician in the way she is able to discern the exact key to unlock more of the untapped potential in leaders.

Some achievements:

  1. Master of Arts in Deafness and Communication - Macquarie University
  2. University Associate - University of Tasmania - consulting on Masters of Advanced Leadership
  3. Master Trainer NLP / Business Practitioner NLP / Coaching for Coaches Intensive with Sue Knight
  4. Developed the world’s first distance sign language course in 2000
  5. NSW State Library's Annual Author's Showcase in November 2020
  6. Published Silence: The Hidden Path To Success, Freedom & Happiness

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In a word; what clients say about working with Deb 

Meet Deb Maes

Meet Alexis Jane

Alexis Jane

activating inner Magic coach

Alexis Jane is a magician at leveraging ‘deep inner work’ to activate ‘inner magic’ and empowering those she works with towards their aspirations. A new identity emerges, as limiting beliefs evaporate, transforming into the next level version of self. 

Some achievements:

  1. Featured in the magazine ‘Femminices’
  2. Repeat guest on ‘The Girlfriend Hour’
  3. Regular guest on multiple podcasts
  4. Impactful results for six (6) and seven (7) figure clients

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Alexis speaking about how she helps women in business (13:30)  

Dr Peter Thompson

Masterful coach: creating generative intelligence

Peter is exceptional in developing leaders to use their brain in generative evolution of their skills. His extensive background, skills and talents qualify him as invaluable in an environment of change.

Some achievements:

  1. PhD (Research) in Cognitive Science on the topic An Interdisciplinary Approach to Belief Formation and Resistance to Change
  2. Educator with the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) lecturing on Coaching Theory and Practice, Psychology of Peak Performance, Coaching in Organisations, and Change Management Agent Specialisation
  3. Writer for the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) courses Psychology of Peak Performance, Managing in Ambiguity and Change, and Contemporary Management Issues
  4. Over 20 years designing, developing, and delivering leading edge training for large corporate and public organisations.

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Meet Dr Peter Thompson