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We have assembled thought-leaders from around the globe and have developed a system that is truly effective.

We support global influencers to expand and deepen their wisdom, so as to remain relevant and meet the challenges - challenges that none before have had to face.

Both the design and delivery are exceptional.

The design is exceptional because the program can be adapted and tailored to work for you, your team, and your whole business.

We’ve done that by creating three (3) components from which you can mix and match the elements that will work best for you and your team, using as much of each as you feel would work best for your needs.

One-to-one mindset coaching with the leader or influencer and their team

We use a unique concept … which, when we think about it should be obvious, but usually isn’t … and that is, whatever is happening in you … as the leader … will be happening in other levels of your organisation.

Metaphorically, we might say that “what’s in the head is in the body, and vice versa”.

When the truly aware leader is able to mindfully shift an aspect of their behaviour they will see a qualitative shift in others.

So, it is vital that the leader, wanting to healthily influence their team, will strive for mastery in shaping the relationship dynamic between themself and the team.

That’s why the mindset coaching our team provides is so essential and so powerful.

And from this coaching we discover what is needed in our second component – customised learning materials that help you and your team members explore mindset and the all-pervading effect it has on relationships, crucial decisions, and … of course … the overall health of your business.

Customised Learning:
Honing Sheets and Masterclasses

As you specifically as the leader, are working on your own mastery … whether it be clarity, focus, efficiency, productivity, influencing … whatever it may be … then our role is to develop the team so that all can have a similar focus and understanding of how you are developing together.

Shaped specifically for you and your team to ensure that it is relevant to you, we design Masterclasses, delivered by the best - subject matter experts - from around the globe and followed up with short, sharp practice materials. We call these ‘Honing Sheets’, because we know that you already are exceptionally good at what you do and often a structure to practice, or hone, what you know is all that is required to keep you in peak performance.

You increase your mastery by becoming aware of unconscious thoughts that affect communication, decisions, and actions … and, consequently, remove any rough edges to give greater ease, more effective dynamics, richer relationships, and … a continuing thriving business or organisation.

Through decades of research and working with successful learners and leaders, we’ve identified five attributes that consistently reside in compelling leaders. It’s these attributes that inform our honing sheets.

Engaging with Models of Excellence

Most unique to this program … are our ‘Models of Excellence’.

While there is so much that you gain from learning, through coaching and structured guidance, there is another realm of learning that comes from being exposed to a model of what we are wanting to achieve.

Books try to teach you that. Think, for example, how many books there are out there on how to run a wildly successful business. But how many of those books really help you gain the deep thinking processes … both unconscious and conscious … along with the resulting embodiment of excellence that those people have, that produced the results we aspire to?

It’s vital that you and your team are exposed to people who are already embodying that way of living … indeed, that way of being … that is producing excellence.

We make the connections between these people and you and your team so that you can have access to the way they think, the way they move, and how they organise themselves in life.

This is much, much more than mentoring.

They share with you how they think, move, and decide … how they establish their whole sense of being … who they are in this world and how they view the world as a playground of possibility. You will find out that, often, they don’t always really know some of the unconscious processes that produce their success, but they ‘be it’ and ‘live it’ before your eyes, and your mirror neurons allow you to absorb the model somewhat osmotically.

Our role in this is as a communication bridge, helping them and you discover those essential characteristics they embody which produce the excellence for which they are so well known.


Those are the three main components of the program:

  1. Mindset coaching
  2. Customised learning
  3. Engaging with models of excellence.

Please feel free to browse around our website where you’ll find:

We look forward to speaking with you in person and answering any questions you have or just generally talking about how we might be able to work together.